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Problem skin: blackheads and oily skin

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Skin problems like oily skin and acne arise when dead cells accumulate over time. This accumulation of dead cells causes crusting, thickness and dullness of skin.


Oily skin excretes abnormally large amounts of oil. These excessive oils become hardened and form a blackhead. Normal skin has 50% oil and 50% water. Oily skin has greater than 50% oil content because of excess production due to diet, genetic inheritance, hormones and age, environmental causes and improper skin care.




Foods rich in unsaturated fats, dairy, refined carbohydrates and alcohol cause oily skin.

Genetic Inheritance

The prevalence (frequency in a population) of oily skin is 81 percent  genetic and 19% environmental in origin (Seppo 2016).


Hormones and Age


Hormones and androgens play an important role in the development of oily skin(Hassoun, Chahal et al. 2016).


Environmental causes


Hot Air, moist heat and pollution are the environmental causes of oily skin (Hunter 2016).


Improper skin care


Skin care products that are an inappropriate match for your specific skin type can cause oily skin by over drying their skin. This usually happens because clients incorrectly think that by excessive washing or by using various agents to dry up the oils. This causes stripping of the skin. In time the skin is making more oil than in the past.


 My product, active resurfacing treatment, does not irritate, dry nor strips the skin of its oils.

It reduces the oils by calming the oil glands which leads to normal function. A facial treatment with our active resurfacing treatment hydrates the skin; it reduces pore size; it controls blackheads and has an anti-aging effect on the skin by building collagen and reducing fine lines. It evens out pigment (skin color).


This is our best seller!!!!




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Please note that I'm not a physician. I am a licensed aesthetician. I do not claim that this information is accurate. Please consult with your physician about any questions that you may have as a result of your reading my blog.



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